Native North American Traveling College

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The Native North American Traveling College is dedicated to the preserving and cultivation of Kanienkehaka culture and history through our museum collections, multi media productions and immersive cultural presentations.


Bringing our culture to our community and beyond

The Native North American Traveling College has been at the Forefront of culture education and and revitalization since 1969. Our unique and Innovative Cultural Center publishes books, pamphlets and posters produces audio-visual materials, host native craft classes and offers a group of traveling presenters that will carry our heritage and living history to you! In addition we support native arts and crafts in our art gallery and host Gatherings and festivals in our amphitheater. there's a lot going on at Akwesasne’s NNATC. Our ever-expanding program continues to evolve to meet the needs of an ever changing world. All are welcome and invited to participate in the revitalization and sharing of our culture.


What we do…


We have an ever evolving collection of artifacts and art from local artisans on display. Our collection holds many pieces in a variety mediums and formats for you to enjoy. From contemporary art, cultural relics and historical presentation there is much to explore. If you are looking for a more immersive experience see our group tour and events.

Travel Troop

We have a dedicated team of performers and story tellers that are able to host a cultural production at your work, school, or function. Our troop offers various speakers, dancers, singers to entertain and educate a wide variety of groups. We also offer cultural sensitivity training for groups and organization. Click bellow for more information and booking.

Group Tours and events

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DIGITAL MEDIA & Literature

We have had the privilege to work with very talented artists, historians, and writers who have created books, documentaries, for all ages to learn from and enjoy. All of our publications are available in our shop.

Friendship days

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Visit our museum

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Open for general admission:

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