Native North American Traveling College


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School presentations

We have worked with audiences of all ages across the north country to bring an immersive experience that educates while entertaining. We strive to create an atmosphere

On site cultural presentation

If you would like to bring your group to our museum we have a spacious indoor conference room as well as an outdoor theatre to cater to your needs. We can also provide a guided tour around the museum as people arrive.

cultural sensitivity training

Whether your organization is small or large we can provide appropriate cultural education for your group. Our history and culture is unique and our presentation is designed to share our perspectives, squash myths and stereotypes while bridging our communities together with a more wholistic understanding.


Options available

Traditional lunch
Story telling
full social with audience participation
Music and dancing
Regalia and traditional dress
Historical Speakers, current political and social speakers


To book a presentation

Please fill out the form below with as much detail as possible describing you’re goals for this presentation and what we can do to make it perfect.

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