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Traditional Teachings Book

Traditional Teachings Book


The history of the Hotinonshonni has been written many times in many versions usually buy non Hotinonshonni who felt that they had become experts on our culture in history. We have learned that the word history has two meanings. this book will tell you of our history as we understand it, this is our attempt to share who we are as a people. 

It is far better the reader understand how a populations views the world and recognize that our traditional teaching are our and sacread to us. This book covers a broad range of topics from our traditional creation Story, the birth of The Peacemaker, the Great Law, The messages of Kariwiio.

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Our Traditional Teachings is a project of the Native North American Traveling College. All rights are copyrighted. no portion of the book can be reproduced without the expressed consent of the Native North American Traveling College. August, 1984. Reproduced 2017.